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  • Turn your idea of a school inside OUT.
  • Small classes. Real teachers.
  • Seek the extraordinary.
  • Yesterday's school  <em>Upcycled</em> in today's world.

A Tuition-FREE Nonprofit Public High School

Accepting Applications for the 2022-23 School Year!


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College–ready.  Career–ready.  Getting you ready!
Learning local since 2008.
Located on 12 acres at the heart of Tucson in the Broadway/ Wilmot area.
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Next Board Meeting to be Held Tuesday, May 24th

The Blue Adobe Project will have a Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, May 24th, from 4:00-5:00pm. Agenda items include discussing […]


Senior Reflections 2022

This year’s graduating seniors were asked to participate in an interview consisting of four questions. Here are the responses of […]


Community Activism Seminar YOTO Fundraiser

Students in the Community Activism seminar organized a school-wide fundraiser for Youth On Their Own to help homeless youth have access […]


Mt. Lemmon Ecology Trip 2022

Students in the Regional Ecosystems class spent the day exploring and documenting each of the major life zones in the […]


Spring 2022

This spring has seen lots of action! Restoration Ecology carried out buffelgrass removal in local neighborhoods, and nonprofit organization Preston’s […]


Support Sky Islands- for FREE- With the Fry’s Community Rewards Program

Help support Sky Islands simply by doing your regular grocery shopping- at no cost to you! All you have to […]

Are you a Sky Islander?
  • Sky Islands is a small school full of big hearts. I learned a lot about myself just by being here for a year. Now that I’m here I enjoy school and look forward to it. Sky Islands is a lovely community that I'm glad to be part of.
    — Sophia A
  • Sky Islands is a great place to be! Everyone is welcoming and everybody knows each other at our school. Throughout the year, we work on projects in and outside the classroom. We also learn about so many interesting topics that you don't learn about at other public schools.
    — Luciana T
  • Sky Islands is amazing because the curriculum is unlike anywhere else. It is a community that is always changing, and everyone is friendly. The teachers here are the best teachers I have had in my entire student career. I now look at the world differently than others.
    — Klairisa S
  • I feel that the school’s messages they communicate to the students are really eye-opening, from the food we eat to the advertisements shaping us, and that we as a community can change this. I’m happy to know I’m graduating as an individual rather than a teenager clone, which would be the case at other schools.
    — Hannah B
  • When I first came to Sky Islands, I felt it was kind of weird because I wasn’t used to the whole idea of a school being a community, but more and more I came to the realization that this is how school should be.
    — Cortez W
  • The school is small, and the personal attention in a teacher-student relationship can do wonders for the student's ability to learn. Both the students and teachers have changed my life tremendously, all for the better. There is no finer high school.
    — Nick F
  • Community is a huge part of Sky Islands. This school has amazing teachers, they are all fantastic, and they have taught me so much. I used to hate math more than anything because I never understood it. Now it is my favorite subject.
    — Emma W
  • Since I’ve been at Sky Islands, I actually enjoy coming to school on a daily basis. This school teaches students curriculum that is actually relevant to their lives. If you want somewhere different to go get a great education, I recommend Sky Islands.
    — David U