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Welcome to Sky Islands High School! We are more than an arts and science charter school – we are a community focused on inspiring our students to be lifelong learners.

At Sky Islands, a small, passionate group of teachers build deep supportive relationships with students, and students develop deep friendships with one another. We prepare students for their journeys in life not through emphasizing drills and tests, but by teaching them to think, question, discover their own passions and beliefs, and find their true north. Our students leave well-prepared by any academic measure, but – far more importantly – they leave with an understanding of themselves, and the world in which they must make their way. Along the way, they lean in, and support (rather than compete with) one another. Together they discover, debate, and evolve – learning to be inspired by the courage of ideas, ideals, and the people seeking to make the world a better place.

Critical Thinking

At Sky Islands students are encouraged – and expected – to excel. But our definition of excellence is different.We help students to be successful in the traditional subject matter of high school – but we also encourage a broader perspective. Teachers work together, across subjects, to integrate ideas, and apply them to real-world, current problems. Students pursue projects, in groups, working together to find solutions. They learn to think proactively, developing strategies for solving problems: seeing the traditional subjects as a tool kit, and learning to choose and apply those tools thoughtfully. Our goal is to educate students as citizens – participants in creating a better world.

College and Beyond

Sky Islands aims to prepare students for college success.  We realize that getting into a college is only part of the story.  Integrating social and emotional competencies into academic content is equally important to college and career readiness.  Skills in collaboration, problem-solving, and creative thinking are as necessary as skills in literacy and math.

After graduation our students pursue a wide variety of pathways as they build their futures. Some attend prestigious four-year colleges like the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Prescott College, and Oregon State. Others focus on community colleges like Pima Community College and Northwest Florida State College.

Focused On

The Sky Islands curriculum delivers excellence in the mainstay subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, History – but our focus goes beyond those confines. We offer courses, and hands-on learning, focused on the core interest and concern of this generation: sustainability. Through our Environmental Science curriculum, we’re proud to provide students with the tools and experience necessary to be prepared to help make substantial change in the world. Students learn how to responsibly farm and engineer supporting infrastructure to improve our environment. Our horticulture program not only teaches students how to produce organic food but to cook it as well. Students’ experience in these areas develops habits of thinking that we consider essential to good citizenship: recognizing inter-dependence, and working together.

Academics at Sky Islands High School

Core Classes

Our carefully crafted school curriculum integrates skills in collaboration, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

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The Arts

Creativity is a crucial skill, so we offer a variety of art courses in culinary arts, visual/ performing arts, and guitar.

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Environmental Sciences

Students learn to propagate seedlings in the greenhouse, plant vegetables, install irrigation, and even more.

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Sky Islands is amazing because the curriculum is unlike anywhere else. It is a community that is always changing, and everyone is friendly. The teachers here are the best teachers I have had in my entire student career. I now look at the world differently than others.
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I feel that the school’s messages they communicate to the students are really eye-opening, from the food we eat to the advertisements shaping us, and that we as a community can change this. I’m happy to know I’m graduating as an individual rather than a teenager clone, which would be the case at other schools.
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When I first came to Sky Islands, I felt it was kind of weird because I wasn’t used to the whole idea of a school being a community, but more and more I came to the realization that this is how school should be.
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Community is a huge part of Sky Islands. This school has amazing teachers, they are all fantastic, and they have taught me so much. I used to hate math more than anything because I never understood it. Now it is my favorite subject.
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Sky Islands is a great place to be! Everyone is welcoming and everybody knows each other at our school. Throughout the year, we work on projects in and outside the classroom. We also learn about so many interesting topics that you don't learn about at other public schools.
Sky Islands Parent
Sky Islands ParentParent
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My daughter graduated from Sky Islands in 2020. She studied there for 4 years of High School and it was the best decision we ever made. The curriculum there allowed her to broadened her mind and approach to more greenery and sciences. She started out very shy and and introvert and graduated more outgoing and she really bloomed at High School there. I would always refer my friends to have their students attend high school for the simple fact that they will get the education needed to go to college plus special treatment and care for each and every student.

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