Plant a tree in honor or in memory of a loved one, and help Sky Islands construct an arboretum on its 12-acre site!


For questions, please email or call 520.382.9210
To purchase a tree, please call us at 520.382.9210 or visit, check the ‘Plant a Tree’ box, and specify your tier in the ‘DEDICATE FUNDS TO’ field.


Tree species at each tier may include:

Cactus Wren-             HUmmingbird-             Flycatcher-                    Kestrel-

Blue Palo Verde                  California Fan Palm           Palo Blanco                             Smoke Tree
Foothills Palo Verde           Western Soapberry            Mountain Mahogany            Gooding Ash
Sweet Acacia                        Cascalote                             Sonoran Kidneywood           Littleleaf Ash
Whitethorn Acacia             Texas Redbud                     Mexican Ebony                      Arizona Velvet Ash
Catclaw Acacia                    Texas Mountain Laurel     Blackbrush Acacia                  Mearns Sumac
Canyon Hackberry             Texas Olive                         One Seed Juniper                   Emory Oak
Velvet Mesquite                   Mexican Buckeye              Alligator Juniper                     Mexican Blue Palm
Screwbean Mesquite          Red Push Pistache             Golden Leadball Tree            Texas Persimmon
Vitex                                     Southern Live Oak            Mexican Blue Oak                  Brazilwood
Desert Willow                     Mexican Elderberry          New Mexico Locust                Tenaza
Texas Ebony                                                                                                                        Chinese Elm

View the plans for our campus arboretum project:


Concept art by Sky Islands senior Nadia R.