UA Lead Guitar

Sky Islands is proud to be offering the Lead Guitar program again in the 2017-18 school year.  Students will learn to play classical acoustic guitar, read music, and play in ensembles.

In 2006 Brad Richter founded “Lead Guitar”, a not-for-profit organization teaching classical guitar to youth.  Lead Guitar programs have been established in more than 60 public schools spanning five states.   In 2013 Lead Guitar joined the University of Arizona to become the music education initiative for the University of Arizona’s UA Presents, making Brad their Director of Education.

Brad Richter may be one of the most influential American classical guitarists working today. A performer, composer, and educator, Brad is known for his own particular brand of genre-mashing chamber music, drawing on the traditions of world music, Native American music, pop and classical.


This class will be co-taught by Michael Bagesse, who played guitar and bass with local musicians and toured nationally for 15 years.

Brad Richter Concert ›

Lead Guitar Class Performance at Centennial Hall ›