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Algebra 1

Linear equations, inequalities, functions and systems, polynomial creation and manipulation, quadratic and exponential equations and functions, probability and statistics.


Shape, figure and dimension; topics covered include logic, reasoning, and proof, measurement, polygon and figure analysis, trigonometry and 2 and 3 dimensional Cartesian graphing.

Algebra 2

Exponential and logarithmic functions, linear equations, functions, inequalities and systems, quadratic and higher degree functions, complex numbers, conic sections, trigonometry and intermediate probability. This class, in conjunction with Algebra 1 and Geometry, provides a comprehensive preparation for the math portion of the ACT test.


Course description coming soon!

applied math

Course description coming soon!

Tech Math- Programming and Modeling

Technical Math courses apply and extend students’ proficiency in mathematics, and often apply these skills to technical and/or industrial situations and problems. Technical Math topics may include but are not limited to systems of measurements, tolerances, numerical languages, geometry, algebra, statistics, and using tables, graphs, charts, and other data displays. Students learn computer modeling by working with the Python programming language, an approach aimed at helping programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects.