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Urban Horticulture

Students in this course will learn about and tend the school’s chickens, build raised beds, plant and harvest produce for the school kitchen;  learn to construct and operate the greenhouse; and study growing seasons, seed-saving and propagation, grafting, irrigation and water management, pest and weed control.  

Restoration ecology

Restoration Ecology involves the study of soil properties, including soil chemistry, biology, fertility, and hydrology- as they relate to the overall health of plants and other organisms in an ecosystem. Other topics covered include conservation, irrigation, and arid lands management. Students will apply what they learn about ecological health and revitalization to the ongoing restorative projects on site at the school.

Watershed Management

In this class students will study the watersheds on site and regionally, create project on-site maps, continue to create and maintain the Sky Islands’ water conservation earthworks, and maintain recordkeeping of Sky Islands’ grant-funded projects.