Film study

Students will study the processes and artistic techniques involved in film and screen-based visual technologies.  Content will the operation of a camera, lighting techniques, camera angles, depth of field, composition, storyboarding, sound capture, and editing techniques. Course topics may also include production values and various styles of filmmaking (documentary, storytelling, news magazines, animation).  Students may also study major filmmakers, cinematographers, and their films and learn about film, television, and  their relationships to drama and theater.  This class will include using cameras to film and take photos.  (taught by Steve Painter)

Drama and playwriting

Drama courses are designed to enhance students’ understanding of life through the study and performance of dramatic works. Students will develop their ability to express themselves through playwriting activities, studying playwrights and different types of theatrical techniques and traditions. Students are expected to write original scenes and /or one-act plays that will be reviewed and performed by local actors.

Classical Guitar

This course, in its 4th year, is a partnership with the UA Lead Guitar Program and Brad Richter.  Students learn the fundamentals of music and classical guitar-playing techniques, fingering and chords.  This is a performance class and students will have the opportunity to perform on the school’s stage as well as at the UA. A Master Teacher is provided through the UA Lead guitar program to work with Sky Islands’ students on a weekly basis thought out the year.  (taught by Michael Bagesse)