Visual Arts Blog

Visual Arts

This course serves as an introduction to art materials and concepts for 9th graders. Students will use a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking and clay, to represent the natural world around them, as well as their own ideas and imaginings.

multi + Mixed Media

Mixed Media students will explore the use of natural materials in the making of art. They will study art and artists whose work has included ideas about earth, climate, and the physical/political environment. Students will consider how materials and message together contribute to the success of a work of art. By the end of the course, students will have completed individual and group projects that represent our school’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Art & Design

Art & Design students will explore 2-D and 3-D art forms, studying how they differ and complement each other. Still life drawing, life drawing, and 3-D construction projects will be some of the methods included. By the end of the year, students will experience working in teams and as a class community to design and execute 2- and 3-D work that will be installed at the school.

ceramics/ pottery

Ceramics/Pottery students will learn the historical and cultural context of ceramics, aesthetic inquiry, and creative production. This course will provide knowledge of ceramic techniques (e.g., kiln firing and glazing) and processes with an emphasis on creative design and craftsmanship. Methods include clay modeling, hand building, coil building, casting, and throwing on the potter’s wheel.

Creative Art

Creative Art students will have experience working with various materials (ink, clay, tempera paint) in the making of art that is functional and decorative. Students will learn about the history of pottery building in the southwest US, and study different clay building methods. By the end of the year, they will have gone through the process of designing and creating work for a client in the Tucson community.

Performing Arts

Drama courses are designed to enhance students’ understanding of life through the study and performance of dramatic works. Students will develop their ability to express themselves through playwriting activities, studying playwrights and different types of theatrical techniques and traditions. Students are expected to write original scenes and /or one-act plays that will be reviewed and performed by local actors. (taught by Joseph Mais)

Lead Guitar

This course, in its 4th year, is a partnership with the UA Lead Guitar Program and Brad Richter.  Students learn the fundamentals of music and classical guitar-playing techniques, fingering and chords.  This is a performance class and students will have the opportunity to perform on the school’s stage as well as at the UA. A Master Teacher is provided through the UA Lead guitar program to work with Sky Islands’ students on a weekly basis thought out the year.  (taught by Joseph Mais)