We welcome your interest in Sky Islands for your education, however all charter schools are not alike. Please weigh your decision carefully—we do not offer credit-recovery programs, and our curriculum is not fast-paced or strictly individualized.  Students who enroll at Sky Islands join an academic community and are expected to take part in that community respectfully and responsibly.

All students take teacher-taught core courses in math, science, social studies and language arts, as well as classes in applied permaculture and gardening, drama and visual arts, classical guitar, and other electives.  Our classes are aligned with Common Core and AZ State standards, are integrated across the program, and feature environmental and community-based projects.

The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday school day is from 9am to 3:00 pm, with 45 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes of Advising afterwards. Advisors are teachers who take responsibility for individual students in their group by acting as academic support for students, parent-school liaison, and student advocate. Classes are scheduled in blocks of 1.5 hours each twice a week–repeating Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday, 3 classes per day, totaling 6 classes per week. Wednesday is the exception–the school day is from 9am to early release at 12:30, and will rotate each week between an extra day of Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday classes.

New classes are coming in the 2016-17 school year–Applied Physics, Urban Horticulture and Cooking Class-which are part of our exciting new Garden-to-Kitchen Program, as well as the return of many favorites such as UA Lead Guitar and Arid Lands Management.  You can find longer course descriptions on each area page.

Dr Shari Popen, Founder and Director