2D Design Class Symbol Project

Students in the 2D Design class learned about symbols and emblems, and then created stencil designs that were put on T-shirts.

Skytober Fest 2014

This Fall, Sky Islands High School kicked off its first annual Skytober Fest fundraising event! Food was provided by Zona […]

Koi Pond Project

Students in the Gardening by Design class headed up this Fall’s big project as a part of our ongoing restoration […]

San Xavier Co-op Farm Trip

Students in the Plant Biology class toured the San Xavier Co-op Farm, where they saw firsthand the traditional and Native […]

Government Class Immigration Debate

Students in the Government class researched the root causes and effects of undocumented immigration to Arizona through the Mexican border, and then […]

Fall CapaCITY Building Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, students choose from a changing “a la carte” menu of activities, projects, and unique opportunities to explore their city, […]

Monsoon Harvest

Harvesting native strains of Hopi corn, heirloom sunflowers, and anticipating the fall pumpkin harvest (as well as doing a little […]