Spring 2022

This spring has seen lots of action! Restoration Ecology carried out buffelgrass removal in local neighborhoods, and nonprofit organization Preston’s Pythons brought in lots of cute scaly friends to educate the students about reptiles and teach them about reptile rescue and adoption. Meanwhile, Seminars (student-proposed and driven clubs and activities during the day) have entered their last quarter for the year, including yarn craft, community activism, drawing, programming, flag football, hackey sack, and senior trip and event planning.

Students in Ceramics class also built boxes out of clay slabs. Each student shaped these slabs into unique boxes of their own design and painted them using glaze. The artists that made these (Sara, Destiny, Andrew, Ella, Katelyn and Gemma) are now featured on the @pimacountylibrary website along with other young artists in the community! The link to this page is: https://www.flickr.com/…/pimaco…/sets/72177720297286774/

In the Restoration Ecology class, students re-purposed an old ramada on the campus into a sheep corral for our three sheep, who will help control weeds and provide manure for composting. And finally, students planned a school dance in the late spring so that everyone could have a fun and refreshing break from all the end-of-semester projects, tests, and assignments!