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Have you ever wondered what sort of effect urbanization has on bird biodiversity?  What about the effect of fire on soil composition and vegetation diversity?  Or the effect of native soil on the germination and overall health of the Pima Pineapple Cactus?

High school students at Sky Islands have embarked on a year-long journey to answer scientific questions such as these.  After a semester of doing background research, designing their own original research project, and drafting and editing their proposal, these students are finally starting to collect data!  They need your help to put together their final projects: scientific posters to display their research and findings to the student body and larger community.

This year, I have 22 students who have already started working on putting together their posters.  Some students are working individually, while others are working in research groups.  Each student is working to organize their data, arranging photographs, and write conclusions and then working in PowerPoint to create a unique and visually-pleasing poster to put all their hard work on display.

Scientific posters are common for displaying research at the university level and are either 2’x3′ or 3’x4′.  They are really big! This gives people a chance to get a really good view of the research that each student has conducted.  In addition, students can easily reference the poster and give a more detailed explanation to the interested party.

Students are really proud of these posters, and it gives them a great sense of having completed professional scientific research.  But the printing is expensive, and this is where I could really use your help.

The cost of printing a 2’x3′ poster is $30
The cost of printing a 3’x4′ poster is $54.

Please consider making a donation to cover the cost of one poster!  Your generous dollars will go far in inspiring our students — the next generation of scientists!

Thank you,

Allie Silber

To see a larger version of what these posters will look like, click here