Sky Islands Featured in Documentary Film ‘One Nation Under Science’

In 2019, Sky Islands hosted an ongoing panel and speaker series on climate change. As part of our commitment to demystify and depoliticize climate science with our students and our community, we invited climate change experts from theUniversity of Arizona, School of Natural Resources and the Environment SNRE to talk with our students about the local and worldwide climate crisis. One of our distinguished guests was Kathy Jacobs, the Director of Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions at the University of Arizona. Kathy worked for over 25 years on water issues and advising The White House on climate policy, and her journey, as well as her passion about encouraging women to pursue degrees and careers in the sciences and de-politicizing scientific knowledge and findings, was captured in this documentary. Much of the film included her time here at Sky Islands during the speaker series, and we are thrilled to have played a part in her larger story!