Important Notice to Parents and Students: ‘Curriculum-in-place’ begins Monday, March 30

We miss you !!  All of you…

Sky Islands Students and Families,

We miss you!!  Our staff has been working steadily this week to prepare the curriculum-in-place for our Sky Islanders.  We know that you are anxious about continuing school, and we are doing our best to put a strong program together.

We will begin instruction this Monday, March 30.  The main portal for accessing assignments and instructions is through SkyLink on our school website.

Please be sure to check SkyLink daily.  If you have any questions about your SkyLink assignments, your teachers are ready to help.  The assignments will be posted by 9am every Monday for Monday/Thursday classes, and by 9am Tuesday for Tuesday/Friday classes.  The work for that week will be due to your teachers by 5pm each Friday.

In addition, your teachers will hold weekly office hours.  You may contact them electronically to get real-time assistance and responses to your questions during those office hours.  Please see this attached pdf document for that information.

Hard copies of materials, including books, that you will need for your coursework will be available on Monday, March 30 in the school parking lot between the hours of 10am and 4pm.  We will hand them to you in prepared bags on a drive-by basis to keep safe social distancing.

This is uncharted territory for us all and it is not the way any of us here want to provide your education, but it is what we must do now.  It’s important to us that we keep everyone’s stress levels low and go forward as best we can, so please give us your feedback on what is, or is not, working for you at home.  We will do our best to address it.

We are staying current with updated policies and announcements from the Arizona Department of Education.  Please be reassured that our first priority is to provide the educational program you all have come to expect from us at Sky Islands.

To our Sky Islanders, we miss each one of you!  Thank you all for your patience, and we wish you all good health.

Stay safe, Shari