US/AZ History ‘History in Action’ Program

Sky Islands and Talk-it-OUT!, a forum theater program at the University of Arizona, are partnering this year to develop History in Action, a projects- based program that is designed to be critical, participatory, and contextual. History in Action is designed to address vital questions raised by ‘wicked problems’ in our state’s history as they relate to society and the environment by combining the study of history with performance art. Each quarter, the students study a broad theme, visit relevant historical sites, conduct interviews, and create a dramatization of the narrative with Dr. Aurelia Mouzet and several of her students from Talk-it-OUT! that is performed for the whole school, and eventually wider audiences.

For the first quarter, the students study the broad theme of water in the Southwest, and created a series of vignettes describing John Wesley Powell’s voyages to map the Grand Canyon, present his plans for creating new states in the arid West around watersheds to Congress, the taking of land and water of long-established Mexica families in the Tucson region by anglo settlers, and the era of dam building on the Colorado River.