Sophomore Trip to Sierrita Mine and San Xavier del Bac

Students in the 10th grade, who are in both Earth Science and US/AZ History, were able to take a ‘double header’ field trip on the same day to experience what they have been learning in both classes!

First, as an extension of their studies in class related to the process of mining, as well as the associated environmental and social consequences, students toured the Asarco Mineral Discovery Center at the Sierrita Mine near Sahuarita, where they learned about and witnessed the process of mining, processing, and refining copper, as well as got up close with some antique and modern mining technology.

Next, the students stopped by San Xavier del Bac mission, where they could observe the complex interactions and resulting syncretism and transculturation (mixing of different religious and cultural elements) between the Tohono O’Odham, Spanish, and later Mexican cultures upon the Tucson region firsthand. As a treat for a long day, the students also got to sample some delicious fry bread!