Congressman Raul Grijalva Visits Sky Islands for Climate Change Panel

Sky Islands was privileged to welcome Congressman Grijalva to speak to the students about his views regarding climate change and its affect on the Southwest, as well as the actions he is undertaking in Washington to try and meet the challenge of climate change in the 21st century. The Congressman spoke passionately on the topic, and spent a lot of time asking and answering the students’ questions, and engaging them in a thoughtful discussion.

It was the perfect kickstart to our final week of this year’s climate change seminar series, which featured a panel of distinguished local guests, including Jeffrey Kargel of the Planetary Science Institute, Myrelis Diaz Martinez of the Center for Biological Diversity, Robert Niefert of Solar Gain, and Jane Conlin of the Citizens Climate Lobby. Each speaker presented a thoughtful, deep, and articulate perspective on climate change and the local actions against it from myriad different angles, and both the panel and the students were engaged in an in-depth and substantive discussion after their initial presentations.