Camping Trip to the Blue Range

Our first camping to the Blue Range in New Mexico as part of our fledgling new freshman orientation program (along with a couple senior student leaders) was incredible! It was the first time for some students to set up a tent, cook food outside, and enjoy a spectacular night sky. However, whatever the experience level, the students all came together as a community and appreciated the magic offered by the natural world. 
The work of Aldo Leopold inspires a lot of our curriculum at Sky Islands High School. In the last three days, these students not only learned about the man whose work was the foundation for the field of conservation, but they also experienced it. They sat in the very spot where Leopold had the experience that inspired ‘Thinking Like a Mountain’. They read Leopold’s chapter on land ethic while practicing its teachings just outside the first designated wilderness space in the country. And lastly, they spent all their time free from commodities and simply appreciating all the fun and excitement the natural world offers.