All-School Tree Planting Day

On March 14th, Sky Islands’ student community successfully came together in an all-school, student-led event and planted forty-three trees in our habitat restoration site!  This project was part of the Restoration Ecology class, where students had to plan, organize and execute the entire tree planting day. The planning period lasted two months, and students were assigned to various tasks to make it happen. Students were also in charge of directing, educating, and assisting anyone who needed help during the tree planting day. Not only that, but a group of students in the Culinary Arts class made sure that everyone had lunch when the planting was done!

We’d like to thank the key contributors to this event, including Elise Gornish from the University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension, who helped our class prepare a soil inoculation experiment to study how it impacts trees, Katie Gannon from Trees for Tucson, who provided our school with the trees and tools that we needed for planting day, and last (but not least!), all of our students and teachers who helped to plant the trees in our restoration site. We’re so proud and thankful for all the help we received for such a special contribution to our natural world, and the fact we made it to the local news for our efforts was a wonderful bonus!