Urban Horticulture Class Spring 2018

Students in Urban Horticulture kicked off the spring planting season with a visit to Native Seeds/SEARCH, where they chose a variety of local, indigenous, and heirloom varieties of crops to be grown in the school gardens. Once the weather warmed up a bit, the students found themselves in the midst of multiple gardening, landscaping/ design, and permaculture projects, so they enlisted the help of Sky Islands’ supporters Natasha Winnik at Originate Natural Building Materials, Jim Verrier at Desert Survivors Nursery, and of course our resident do-everything handyman Danny Clark!

As the season progressed, the students harvested the last of the cool season crops (including our first round of heritage white Sonora wheat!) and focused instead on tending to our warm season vegetables, such as squashes, melons, corn, tomatoes, and peppers.