Sky Islands Class Featured on KOLD News and KUAT Arizona Illustrated

Students in the Government class are learning about how their local government works by actively participating in their local legislative process! The class is assisting Steve Painter, Sky Islands’ social studies teacher, on a bill he has helped create, HB 2373. This bill would provide a pre-paid debit card to all teachers in order to purchase classroom supplies.

Even more exciting, local news station KOLD visited the school, where reporter Cynthia Washington interviewed the class about the bill and their role in calling and emailing legislators to receive support. The following week, KUAT visited the school and shot a full-length feature on the Government class’ bill, which aired on Arizona Illustrated.

Here is the article on their website

Here is the KUAT feature (begins at 16:20)

Here is the radio feature of the KUAT story

And here is the news clip: