Fall Science Classes 2018

Students in Sky Islands’ science classes have been quite active this Fall! In Earth Science, students made models of the Earth’s interior and atmospheric layers drawing upon a wide range of materials, including edible models (some of which were even to scale). In Plant Biology, students also made models of cells and cell structures, some of which were edible as well. In Ecobiology, students toured Saguaro National Park East, where they studied the local biodiversity and ecology and documented examples of abiotic and biotic factors, as well as ecological relationships and symbiosis.

Meanwhile, in Environmental Chemistry, students investigated accuracy vs. precision with measurements, made models of various types of compounds, and then conducted a water filtration lab, while in Field Studies, students conducted biodiversity studies on campus using transects and quadrats, then analyzed their results using the Basic Biodiversity and Simpson’s Biodiversity Indexes. Later in the semester, the students created maps of local watersheds with the help of local artists, and students who participated in the construction of the school’s desert tortoise habitat were invited to present their project at the Desert Tortoise Symposium, on behalf of the Tucson Herpetological Society.