Urban Horticulture Class Fall 2016

Students in the Urban Horticulture class have had a busy fall! First, they installed eight raised garden beds near the kitchen area, then had to design and install the drip irrigation system- which took a great deal of planning and troubleshooting! Once that was done, the beds were filled with Tank’s Green Stuff Compost (generously donated to the school by Jason Tankersley of the Fairfax Companies), and seeds were chosen and planted based on the students’  research for a late Fall crop!

As the semester continued, sprouts appeared, squashes, corn, and other plants grew to harvest for the kitchen, and students even had time to add a few ocotillos and succulents to the watershed restoration site. Meanwhile, the junior class embarked upon a project to build a greenhouse that will be used for starting seedlings and propagating plants from cuttings.