Subscribe to the Blue Sky Café Lunch Program!

The deadline for your September subscriptions to our unique, delicious, and healthy lunch program is fast approaching! Starting Tuesday, Sep. 6th, all customers at the Blue Sky Café will need to have their monthly subscriptions paid in order to receive lunch. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this incredible program, and to ensure that your student will be eating healthy, local, organically-produced food that is also delicious and made by members of the school community every day!

Monthly subscriptions are $30, which translates to about $1.87 per lunch. Nowhere else will you be able to eat this kind of food for that price!!

For more information and to see upcoming menu selections, visit the Blue Sky Café blog at:

For any questions about payment or the program please call: (520)-382-9210 or email

Thank you for supporting our program, our students, our local food system, and our environment in one fell swoop!