All-School Project Day

On Tuesday, February 16th, all Sky Islands staff and students alike took part in an all-day effort to move forward with the massive watershed restoration project, made possible by the generous Conserve 2 Enhance (C2E) grant. This involved lots of raking and shoveling to shape basins and berms, meticulous rock setting to control erosion and help direct rainwater where it needs to go in the new landscape, digging up irrigation boxes and setting up an irrigation system to use until new plantings are established, and even a crew to cook pizzas on the grill to feed everybody at lunch! Students were taught proper rock setting techniques by the Steel brothers, who are local landscaping and permaculture experts as well as rock artisans. They also learned about arid lands irrigation methods, the basics of shaping basins to control rainwater flow and minimize erosion, and everybody developed their teamwork skills over the course of the day and saw what can be accomplished with many hands working together! There were cameras and reporters from KVOA and KGUN on site as well, who featured our school and this project on the news!

KGUN Watershed Story
KVOA Watershed Story