4th Annual Ocean Conservancy Clean Up Day

Sky Islands participated in its 4th annual clean-up day of the Arcadia Wash, located in our neighborhood area of Wilshire Heights, as part of our ongoing partnership with CEDO Intercultural and the Ocean Conservancy. The event is part of an annual international effort to clean up coasts, rivers, and other waterways. All the trash that is collected is tabulated, and the data is submitted to the Ocean Conservancy as part of their annual reports. This year we removed a staggering 694.9 pounds of trash, including 385 cigarette butts, 279 food wrappers, 304 plastic bags, 121 plastic bottles, 142 pieces of styrofoam, 423 pieces of glass, 483 pieces of plastic, 111 pieces of metal, 118 articles of clothing, and 5 shopping carts!