Sky Islands Holds Book Fair at Barnes and Noble Sat. 11/17

Sky Islands High School is having a fundraiser at the bookseller, Barnes and Noble, all day, November 17. Stop in to Barnes and Noble on Broadway Nov. 17 for a fun-filled day of activities and to learn about Sky Islands’ community projects— a city-wide proposal to combat non-biodegradable plastic waste and our trip to CEDO, the marine research center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans at Rocky Point, Sonora in July.

Sky Islands’ students will test your math IQ with games and puzzles, and perform live music.  For younger children, activities in the children’s area will include sing-a-longs and storytelling, coloring and drawing.

A portion of proceeds from sales will go to supporting our environmental and academic programs. So come visit Barnes and Noble, 5130 E. Broadway Boulevard on November 17, kick off your holiday shopping and help support a school helping students to think globally and act locally! For online orders, use the following voucher code, good until Thursday, 11/22: