Sky Islands Gears Up For BioBlitz 2011

Each year, the National Geographic Society holds a 24-hour “BioBlitz” in a different location around the nation. The purpose of these events is to identify and catalogue as many species of different organisms as possible, as a way of documenting biodiversity. This tremendous effort combines actual scientists with students, teachers, community members, and anyone else who’s interested. This year, the Bioblitz will be held in Tucson between Friday, Oct. 21st and Saturday, Oct. 22nd, and will take place at both Saguaro National Park districts. Two teachers and 15 students from Sky Islands will be participating in the BioBlitz on Saturday the 22nd, and look forward to being able to experience and document firsthand the incredible biodiversity of our corner of the Sonoran Desert Bioregion. Stay tuned for updates on this event, including photos!

For more information about the BioBlitz, please click here.

To see photos from our experience at the BioBlitz, click here.