Pond Restoration Program Flowing Smoothly

If we were to let nature take its course with the pond on our site, the desert would reclaim it slowly, turning it from a pond to just another dry place. Over time, the pond’s water level dropped due to evaporation and the bottom of the pond has been filling up with algae.  So, this Spring a restoration project to repair the ecology and health of the pond area took place.   A small amount of cleaning out took place to remove some of the algae around the edges of the pond.

Jason Tankersley supplied the earthmovers and personal hours of loading rock to create the spectacular waterfalls and plantings at the east end of the pond.  The waterfalls help to improve water quality in the pond and to re-establish the pond and surrounding area as a focal point on the Hacienda 17-acre site.  It will provide an excellent site for class groups to see tadpoles, frogs and toads, mammals (like our resident bobcat “Pickles”) and fish, migrating and local birds, to conduct research and observation, and to maintain or enhance biological diversity. 

Students and staff will also seek this area out for restful lunches, quiet spots for independent reading, and reflective moments.  Thanks, Jason, for your on-going contributions to Sky Islands and our programs!