Sky Islands’ students working at Tucson Village Farm

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Sky Islands’ students working at Tucson Village Farm

Sky Islands High School partners with Tucson Village Farm
Tucson’s first youth-centered working urban farm

Creating an urban farm for Tucson’s youth has now caught the imagination and spirit of the Tucson community—
Leza Carter’s Tucson Village Farm/TVF is launched!

TVF has partnered with Sky Islands High School, Prescott College’s Center for Children and Nature, UA Campus Ag Center/CEAC, Pima County Cooperative Extension, and 4H. Groundbreaking is planned for December on the Northeast corner of the UA Campus Farm on the Northeast corner of Campbell/Roger— Up against the Rillito!  Out of this alliance, a dynamic agricultural literacy program for grades K-12 will develop.

Tucson Village Farm will serve as an outdoor hands-on learning lab where children can trace their food from seed to table.  Young people will have an opportunity to learn about local food production, nutrition, vermiculture, composting, botany, and pollination in ways that are active and educational.