Teachers & Staff

Dr Shari Popen


I welcome you to Sky Islands, Tucson’s eco-conscious charter high school launched by the Blue Adobe Project in August of 2008.  Please think about your educational goals as you review this website.  Not all charter schools are alike.  Sky Islands is not a credit recovery school, and our curriculum is not fast-paced or self-paced.  Our teachers are all very highly qualified and knowledgeable, and classroom instruction is planned and led by the instructor under my guidance and in-line with State and Common Core Standards.  Students who enroll at Sky Islands join an academic community and are expected to take part in our community respectfully and responsibly.

To accomplish the goals of our environmentally-focused, place-based educational program, we provide students with vibrant and sometimes physically demanding activities.  Students can expect— and will be required to engage in— active inquiry and hands-on projects in class and out-of-doors.  As part of our Student Code of Conduct, Sky Islands’ students agree not to ‘opt out’ of any required course activity or project.  We also enforce academic eligibility requirements for all field trips.

In line with Arizona graduation requirements, all students who seek to graduate with an Arizona high school diploma from Sky Islands must demonstrate subject-matter knowledge of content, relevant analytical skills, and real-world applications.  Graduates of Sky Islands’ integrated curriculum will be prepared to seek continuing education in programs that prepare them to work in alternative energy fields, gardening and food production, engineering and urban planning, water management and landscape design, as well as business and professional studies.

As for me, I have a Masters degree in Educational Foundations from Kent State University and a PhD in Educational Philosophy from SUNY Albany.  I was a faculty member at Western Washington University for 8 years, taught at Prescott College/Tucson and at NAU/Tucson in the graduate Educational Leadership program.  Prior to opening Sky Islands, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses at U of A in the College of Education for 10 years, and simultaneously taught in Political Science for 2 years. I continue to advise graduate students at U of A.   In a previous life, I owned a bookstore in Berkeley and ran the Central Receiving operation at UC Berkeley for 5 years.

It is a thrill for me to introduce you to Sky Islands.  Our staff is experienced and smart and we work well together as a team.  Also, we laugh a lot.  When you come to Sky Islands, you can expect to see a bit of creative disorder at any time of the school day.  At least we hope so.  But also people working together quietly in small groups, on projects, or off-campus in the desert, at any museum, or service work.  Together we have to make the world that we want to live in.

Sandi Rosado


I have worked in and around schools most of my adult life, in positions from School Nurse to Director of Operations for a large California school district.  Thinking I’d retired, I moved to Tucson and, as fate would have it, crossed paths with the founder of Sky Islands.  The opportunity to be a part of that adventure ended my retirement plans.  I believe in the youth of today and have confidence that, if given the opportunity to make a difference, they will rise to the challenge and make a positive difference.

I am a native of Puerto Rico and speak both Spanish and English fluently.   At the tender age of two I became a world traveler, and have lived and traveled widely in and out of the United States.   Living abroad has given me an expansive look at life, a deep appreciation for its contours, and an ability to adapt.   Helping our students to acquire that openness and desire to experience the fullness of life is a good part of what I want to do at Sky Islands.  I am convinced that taking students beyond their familiar zones enriches their lives, and teaches tolerance and acceptance of diversity in ways that nothing else can.

As the Associate Director of Sky Islands since the school’s launch in 2008, I pride myself in working well with both students and parents.  I make it hard for things to get past me and firmly enforce our Code of Conduct, the glue that holds the educational program in place.  Despite my earned reputation as the “hammer” of the school, I have been known to feed a student or two when the sudden hunger pangs hit hard, hand out bus money, or provide a friendly ear and gentle counseling.   Students do seek me out because they know I value each of them for who they are and what they bring to Sky Islands.   Our collective goal is to support and guide them towards what they want their future to be, and to provide them with the confidence, skill, and habits to get there.

Lucas Bogard


Lucas is a founding teacher at Sky Islands and has been instrumental in developing the science curriculum and the overall integrated educational program. He has degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder in American Studies and Ethnic Studies, and is a Highly Qualified science teacher. He is a graduate of a 35-year old alternative school in Denver, and taught integrated science classes in charter schools in Tucson for 4 years prior to joining Sky Islands. Lucas is responsible for developing the astrobiology, enthnobotany, ecology, food biology and earth science courses, as well as the school garden and many outdoor projects.

Lucas is a proficient speaker of Japanese, conversational Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and he speaks various African dialects. He is a master gardener and has introduced students to organic, healthful foods. Expect his classes to go outside and bring the outside in— science at Sky Islands will open your eyes and minds to our living world, and especially the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.

Simon Wickens


Simon has been teaching mathematics, including AIMS math, at Sabino and Palo Verde high schools since 2004.  He is an award-winning math teacher, recognized by the State of Arizona as one of the highest performing math teachers.  His students regularly pass the math AIMS under his practical instruction.  He has a BA in Environmental Education from Prescott College, and a post-graduate teacher certification in mathematics from Pima Community College.

Simon is originally from the UK, and commissioned with rank of Flight Lieutenant (Captain) in the Royal Air Force/RAF.  He has commanded the RAF Stafford Mountain Rescue Team and captained the RAF hockey team.  He has been responsible for outdoor education in wilderness settings, including rock climbing and rappelling, hiking and camping.  In the Tucson area, Simon developed the VisonQuest wilderness program as part of the environmental education curriculum, and he has been a crew leader with the Youth Corps of Southern Arizona/YCOSA.  Simon brings math alive in and out of the classroom, helping students tame their mathematical monsters, and disproving the existence of a math gene.

Jason Marrano


Jason Marrano joins Sky Islands this year as our full-time arts teacher.  A native of Buffalo NY (yes, where it snows a LOT!), he has a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, a BA in Management from St. John Fisher College, and he studied at the UA in the MFA Fine Arts Program.  He received his Secondary Education Certification in Art from Prescott College in 2004 and has a dual certification in Career and Technical Education/CTE.  Jason has been teaching arts successfully in Tucson area high schools since 2001.

Jason is both a working artist and teacher.  He brings creativity to all of his classes and inspires his students to see the rich possibilities that the arts can bring to their lives and to the larger community.  This next year he will be teaching drawing and graphic arts, photography, stage craft, and book production.  So get your drawing materials and cameras and let’s get to work!

Monika Jade Mendoza


Sky Islands proudly welcomes Monika Mendoza, who is joining us in August to teach the language arts classes.  Monika has a BAE in Extended English and her secondary teaching certificate, grades 7-12, from the University of Arizona.  She is enrolled in the Educational Leadership program at NAU and currently has the M.Ed. degree in progress.  She has been teaching English at the high school level in Tucson for 11 years, developed and reviewed curriculum nationally, and received a garden grant from Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

Monika has taught in an integrated humanities program that combined American literatures, history, and the arts.  A major goal of the program was to develop critical thinking and active participation in community as well as global concerns.  Sky Islanders can expect to be challenged in Monika’s classes to become stronger readers and writers, to engage in world stories that teach us about our shared humanity, and to dramatize those stories on the school’s new stage!  So students, get ready to act it out!

Rafael Pivaral


Señor Rafael brings Spanish language classes to Sky Islands for the first time. A native of Guatemala, he has been a Tucson resident for over 25 years. Rafael completed a 4-year course of study in the College of Architecture at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala City, and he received a Translation/Interpretation Studies Certificate in 2012 from Pima Community College. In 2011- 2012 he taught Spanish using the highly-regarded Total Physical Response (TPR) method of language instruction.

For 25 years, Señor Rafael has practiced both commercial and residential architectural designing, working as a structural draftsman with TLCP Structural and Grenier Engineering in Tucson. He will offer Sky Islands’ first Drafting and Drawing class, partnered with the Building with Earth class. Students in that class can expect to learn both English and Spanish words for the details in their structural and landscape drawings. Additionally, Rafael is a musician and song writer and plans to play lead guitar, bass or drums (if he can borrow some) in the Faculty Lounge band.